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Low Vision Aids

Low vision aids can help you visually navigate the day-to-day challenges posed by eye conditions like macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and retinitis pigmentosa. Low vision aids and visual enhancement therapies are often used to treat the symptoms of people who have lost their vision. In spite of the best medical / surgical treatments, a patient with severe vision loss may not recover 100% vision. In these circumstances, a person’s remaining vision can be enhanced to near normal levels with the help of low vision aids and/or visual rehabilitation training. 

Low vision aids and glasses work by utilizing and maximizing whatever vision you retain. By significantly enhancing and directing the vision you still have, low vision glasses, aids or devices help you to regain the specific visual functions you have lost.

The Low Vision Aids We Offer

Most low vision devices are categorized as either optical, non-optical, or electronic. Each type is geared towards different visual tasks. Some low vision aids we offer include -

  • Hand-held/standing magnifiers

  • Full-diameter telescopes

  • E-scoop glasses

  • Bioptic telescopic glasses

  • Tele-microscope glasses

  • Prismatic reading glasses

  • Side-vision awareness glasses

  • Absorptive lenses

  • Computer software

  • Video/digital magnifiers/CCTV

Best Eye Hospital in Udaipur for Low Vision Aids in Udaipur
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